Introducing ‘Legacy’

samMy name is Samantha Devine, I am a family history researcher, photographer and biographical storyteller.

I have developed ‘Legacy’ – a toolkit for those wanting to capture and tell a life story.

When memories start to fade with dementia or age it can be upsetting to both the affected individual and family. Illness can sweep a loved one away as we knew them, sometimes overnight, leaving family unprepared and grieving the loss of  the vital person as they were.  Sadly, because time waits for no one the time we think we had available for those conversations we do not.

Personal experience, research and my work in social and community care settings have shown me time and again that asking those all important questions to loved ones can be incredibly rewarding if done correctly.  Recording a life story is something many people want to do but it is very difficult to know where to start.

Legacy offers the structure and tools to not only to tell a life story but do it beautifully, sympathetically and respectfully. All the questions that we wished we asked and more are in this toolkit on beautiful handcrafted conversation cards.

The following life topics are covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. My significant life events
  3. My Significant People & Pets
  4. My Childhood & Youth
  5. My Style
  6. My Significant Places
  7. My Working Life
  8. My Social Activities & Interests
  9. My Life Now
  10. My Perfect Day
  11. My Legacy

Also included in the toolkit are

  1. Full instructions and guides for each section
  2. invitations to join the conversation: (These can be given to selected family and friends),
  3. A fully personalised hand crafted blank album with photo corners
  4. Sheets of printable papyrus paper for the detail

Handcrafted Legacy books are also practical and useful in a care setting. They can be viewed by carers and health professionals or they can be talked through with family and friends.

At the core of Legacy toolkit is a set of questions that cover every aspect of life, on many levels.  This is what makes Legacy different. It does not just capture the chronological it also captures the stories, the events, the people, the pets and the places. Legacy tells the story for others to understand.

Working through the toolkit results in a beautiful handcrafted book, a permanent unique record of the individual to treasure for years to come.

Why develop a life story?

Legacy is a toolkit for talking about and capturing your life story or that of someone close to you.

Because every life story offers a powerful insight, they enable understanding on things that may not be instantly apparent, such as a dislike of a certain food or appreciated music.


The artistry of Legacy:

Every Legacy book is completely unique and designed entirely around the person it is for, even down to materials and style. Handmade means just that, using the best quality leathers, or other materials. Below are images of handcrafted  “Rocky’s Legacy“.


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All images are copyright Samantha J Devine. (which means explicit permission only before use).