Legacy Life Stories

samWelcome to ‘Legacy’ Life Stories.

My name is Samantha Devine, I am a photographer and biographical storyteller.

I specialise in highly personalised, handcrafted life story books.


Why have a Legacy life story?

When memories start to fade with dementia or age it is upsetting to both the individual and close family.

Keeping stories alive is something we do as humans, and telling those familiar stories brings back a tangible connection with the person that was and communicates just how special and unique they were. These stories make family histories and they flow down the generations, hence the name Legacy.

Old photo

Because life stories offer a powerful insight, they enable understanding on things that may not be instantly apparent, such as a dislike of a certain food or appreciated music. For this reason Legacy books are also practical and useful in a care setting. They can be viewed by carers and health professionals.

Legacy has been specifically designed to produce an interesting and beautiful artefact that is easily accessible. Each book is very visual in nature and these images say far more than words alone ever could. They tell the story in deeply personal  way.

When time is precious and we want the best record and understanding for our loved one, this is a gift.

Gathering the story:

I have developed a system for gathering life stories which uses Legacy conversation cards (Patent Pending). What is wonderful about them is that they enable a very sensitive method of talking about life events.  They are none intrusive, respectful and allow room for personal choice and privacy. One can talk as much or as little as they like and nothing is committed in stone.  Family members can also contribute if they wish. Either way the entire process is non prescriptive but still gives a wonderful insight. In order to understand this more take a look at my page on ‘sharing stories’.

The artistry of Legacy:

Every Legacy book is completely unique and designed entirely around the person it is for, even down to materials and style. Handmade means just that, using the best quality leathers, or other materials. Below are images of handcrafted  “Rocky’s Legacy“.

If you are interested in exploring the options for telling your life story, or that of a loved one, please send a contact request or call Samantha on 0773 6501846.

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All images are copyright Samantha J Devine. (which means explicit permission only before use).